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I'm Fixed...

Notice I got rid of the question mark and added some ellipsis. (Yeah, I had to look up what that was called, at least I knew it had a name though right?)

So I just got back from my check up where I was cleared by my Doc to resume normal activity.

I think he was confused though because I resumed "normal" activity about 2 days after surgery (my preschoolers need me!) and started resuming MY activity a few days after that.

This is me exactly one week out from surgery back in Krav Maga.

Sure maybe it wasn't a great idea but going insane also wasn't the best option.

Besides. I was careful and as you can see from the picture I wore a brace.

Of course that brace didn't last for long and about a week after that I started back at cross-fit too.
And carrying children.

Don't freak out. I modified and scaled stuff down. I even listened to my body and didn't do stuff that made my wrist throb. That's almost like being a good patient.


It's at this point…