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2 things are happening RIGHT NOW.

The princess graduated preschool today. Although they don't call it graduation. They call it Bridging. Something about bridging the gap between Preschool and Kindergarten. I was only half paying attention as Colin kept raising his hand as if we were at the question and answer part of the event

(He also raised his hand when they said they were going to read Dr. Seuss. He wanted to volunteer his oratory services.)

It was  adorable. Natalie sang songs and danced her little heart out.

Triple S wasn't home. Long story short but basically Captain Steve is a self serving jerk. (this is one of the reasons he should have his own blog. All tugboats, all the time.)

I videotaped it of course. Like a good parent so that I will be able to torture her one day with her adorableness. When she is old enough to think she is too cool for me I will pull it out and remember when she didn't mind holding my hand.

Oops. Got mushy there for a moment.

Back on topic.

Wait, just a bit more mushine…

Mother's Day (Non Dance Mom Edition)

I learned something about myself a few weeks ago. Something I find odd and disturbing.

I'm a prude.

I assume that isn't odd for most but please consider the fact that I voluntarily refer to myself as "the real VD". Sure they are my initials. But I don't need to get so excited about it.

Before I go any further though I think I need to go back a bit.

As summer drew to a close Natalie's obsession turned to dance. She wanted to learn ballet. I searched the surrounding area for a school and selected one that seemed the least terrifying to a person who has never taken a dance class. (this was only because I was unloved as a child and not because I have absolutely no grace whatsoever.)

Lessons began a few weeks later and everything seemed wonderful. As I sat in the waiting room I would chat with the other moms about (what I considered) normal things. Our boys would play video games and talk about angry birds while they waited for their sisters to be done.


I'm Not Angry you Jackass!

Triple S says I'm an angry person.  All because I yelled at some nob in a topless jeep who spent the entire red light fixing his hair before driving away again.

What was the point? Seriously. And I didn't really yell at him as much as I questioned the point of the mirror check in a sarcastic and snotty tone.

He's so silly. That wasn't anger.

I haven't been angry for at least a week. Not since I went to the wrong place for Natalie's rehearsal and was forced to drive all the way across town during rush hour.

The Princess learned a lot of colorful language that day.

Hold on.

Wheels are turning in my brain. Maybe Super Supportive Scott has a point?

He's a little confused about the details but he might actually be right.

I'm an Angry Driver. Not an Angry Person.

I blame this on Long Island. It's the place I learned to drive in a tiny car with a giant man. (poor Mr. Sackman. It's cruel to make any man over 6 feet sit in an Escort. It should be consi…

Please Get Me A Time Machine (or the Director's cut of Pulp Fiction)

Monday is my birthday Bitches!

I'm.... &%()8

Oh sorry I must have dropped the keyboard or something. Crazy.

Anyway, as I was saying Monday is my birthday. It isn't a big one or one that makes women freak out, but time is passing. Sometimes I wonder if I should be happy or worried about where my life is.

Should I be lamenting the fact that I still haven't climbed Kilimanjaro? or that I swore by now I would be an expert needle pointer?

What about touring the south of France? (I could finally put to use my awesome French skills. Thiswould be the part where I type the two phrases that I remember from high school but in my attempt to spell check them, google translation is convinced I am speaking Arabic and not french, Told you I was awesome.)

These were never actual goals I set for myself but since I can't remember any real goals I did set as a child I can't really measure if I've done enough by this point.

I can measure myself against my peers but even I…