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The Wedding of the Century.

First lets get a few things out of the way.

My brothers wedding was awesome. There was Opera (including the theme to The Godfather), fancy clothes galore, and more food than even I could eat (there was a potato bar, something I had never heard of but now I wonder how we lived this long without one.)

Oh yeah and the Bride and Groom had a wonderful night.

Romance all around.

My officiating was officially awesome. (if everyone is to be believed that is.)
FYI my internet license in good in Connecticut for the next 3 years if you are looking to get hitched!

I didn't stutter, or forget anything and although my balance was suspect (can you say heels in grass?) I didn't topple over.

Let's not forget there was also Uncle Sal. No I don't mean my brother. I mean MY Uncle Sal. (sorry. I know it's confusing. In total there are 5 Sals in my immediate family. I'll draw you a chart sometime.) Uncle Sal and Aunt Doreen (married 37 years!!!) flew in. We had breakfast and dinner…

Proof I'm Not Normal. (In Case You Had Any Doubts)

Many of you faithful readers (Pause while I check my view count. YEAH double digits!) might remember I got a JOB! At a preschool!

We can discuss all the ways that is crazy another day. Right now I want to talk about my meeting.

Yes Preschool teachers have meetings. There are a lot less charts and talk of streamlining and a lot more talk about the taste of paste and who has any wipes to spare.

So I was sitting in my meeting talking about how to plan the weekly activities to make sure my little ones get all the education they need when I mentioned our philosophy was going to be based on Omerta.

 Now if you already know what this is you are my kind of people but sadly, my fellow preschool teachers did not. (I still love them.)

I found this lack of knowledge disturbing. I thought everyone knew the code.

Wikipedia, in part describes Omertà as an extreme form of loyalty and solidarity in the face of authority.

Basically Snitches get Stitches.

Luckily they are now aware of this word and it…

Fancy Shoes

Right Now I am walking around the house wearing brown shorts and a  Amity Island T Shirt.

Normally my shoe choice would be a nice comfy pair of flip flops but today I wanted to feel special. 

So I'm wearing these.
That's reasonable right?
Okay Okay. I'm wearing them because I got them for my brother's wedding. (fancy, remember?)  I just need to be sure that ten minutes into the wedding my feet aren't going to start screaming or worse, bleeding. 
See, completely logical.

Hair Cut

Sorry but that is about as clever as the title is going to get.

So in a week my brother is getting married. I have a dress and some fancy shoes all picked out.

The kids are all set too. Fancy clothes for everyone!

I'm not exactly a high maintenance kind of girl so I've been trying to think what I could do with my hair. I watched a few YouTube videos about curling hair and a few that would help me get 'veronica lake' waves.

Basically I have no idea what I am doing.

I decided to try pin curls. So the other night after my shower I pinned the whole thing up. It only took about 15 minutes and I was pretty impressed that I managed it.

The results were not exactly what I had in mind.

Oh wait sorry. That not the right picture.

 There we go. All I'm missing is the bow.

So yeah. Basically I looked like a bad SNL character. I'm not funny either.

While this is entertaining it isn't exactly the 'look' I was aiming for so I called the salon and am getting my hai…

Weekly Round Up

So it's Sunday and I thought I do a weekly round up.

Since I'm not super organized this will contain more than a weeks worth of stuff.
(Like you're surprised by this.)

Lets start with my lovely burn. Yes a burn from the shell casing of a .22.

At this point Triple S is sighing and hanging his head. He's pretty used to my minor injuries. You might remember me saying something about being invincible but that never included minor injuries. Right now I have three burns and 4 bruise and I am only sure about where two of them came from.

That freaking thing is hot!

This loveliness happened during a timed exercise at the range. Had it been longer than 10 seconds I might have put down the gun and pealed it from my skin but...

Next we got to drive to Greensboro to put Triple S on a plane to head back to the boat. A Corpus Cristi crew change. He was thrilled.  Will they never be able to get eggs onboard again?

Next I got to take two children shopping from My brothers upcoming wedd…

Ignorance Is No Excuse

First post from my touch pad. (Not an iPad, I'm not that fancy)

For Christmas triple S got me an HP Touch pad. I had asked for an e reader but he decided this would be better. (If I were the sort of wife who told my husband he was right, I would say that now but...)

Sadly since HP decided they couldn't compete with apple they quickly got out of the tablet market. This led to software companies not bothering with web os (HP's answer to iTunes or android) versions of all their cool stuff.

No angry birds man. It is a catastrophe.

Triple S promised he would unlock my touch and get Android to run on it.

Spoilers: this post is sort of proof that he succeed but don't let that ruin the story.

So after 3 days of struggling and mumbling and some seriously scary curses he did it.
Please note the title. I'm pretty sure I bought this thing and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. I mean it's not like I downloaded illegal music right? Seriously I'm asking.

If this …

Self Promotion.

I've resorted to Internet meme.

If you want to make your own there is of course a website for that.

It even has Chuck Norris memes. AWESOME 

I realize some of you are busy and I can let that slide, but not all of you.

Some of you have plenty of free time to comment and forward and then comment again. Seriously.

I don't mean to sound desperate but... If the shoe fits.