Proof I'm Not Normal. (In Case You Had Any Doubts)

Many of you faithful readers (Pause while I check my view count. YEAH double digits!) might remember I got a JOB! At a preschool!

We can discuss all the ways that is crazy another day. Right now I want to talk about my meeting.

Yes Preschool teachers have meetings. There are a lot less charts and talk of streamlining and a lot more talk about the taste of paste and who has any wipes to spare.

So I was sitting in my meeting talking about how to plan the weekly activities to make sure my little ones get all the education they need when I mentioned our philosophy was going to be based on Omerta.

 Now if you already know what this is you are my kind of people but sadly, my fellow preschool teachers did not. (I still love them.)

This is mandatory reading in some neighborhoods.

I found this lack of knowledge disturbing. I thought everyone knew the code.

Wikipedia, in part describes Omertà as an extreme form of loyalty and solidarity in the face of authority.

Basically Snitches get Stitches.

Luckily they are now aware of this word and it's meaning and I am reminded that I am not normal.

As a side note I have a long post about my brother's wedding in the works. Hopefully I will post it soon. This vocab lesson will come in handy when I do so keep it close by. 


  1. In addition to watching movies, I also have to read to keep up with the insanity? Nowhere was this mentioned in the owner's manual.


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