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Two for Tuesday

It's Tuesday. Woot Woot!

Don't let the title fool you. I'm only posting once. This is a blog. Not some hack radio show.

Although it would be cool, in an ironic sort of way, if I started using radio gags.

We could get the Led out. I could pretend that little voice in my head is the hole.

Wait this idea has potential. hmmmmm...

Okay I had to sensor my inner conversation that followed this because if there was a hole she would have walked out in a huff and demanded therapy be provided for her at my expense. And I just can't afford that, not to mention the horrible precedent it would set.

Never mind. Lets get back to the regular ramblings that spill from my brain.

I just got back from Zumba and everyone reading this should be thrilled that they can't smell me. Seriously. It isn't pretty at all.

Those crazy ladies make exercising so much fun. I could have never imagined that I would have "gym" friends. Firstly because I'm not that pleasant when I a…
Just got back from Mini Vaca in Columbia SC. Another tiny southern city that I can only describe as adorable. Seriously. Calling any place where parking is free every where (I'm not kidding, every where) a city is too cute.

Back on point. We accomplished the three major vacation goals.

1. There was a hotel pool.  (Although the children contend there must also be a TV I have yet to find a hotel without one.)

2. Some form of amusement. (In this case it was the Riverbanks Zoo and Edventure Children's Museum.)

3. We consumed ridiculous amounts of food. (I'm not naming names but it was yummy and Austin the waiter was awesome.)

Basically it was a success.

Sure everything wasn't perfect. The first night we got there the kids were all excited to go swimming so we unpacked quickly before running down the freezing cold hallway to the pool. After a brief struggle with the door (there wasn't a pull sign! Why wasn't there a sign?) we filed into the pool.

Colin jumped right…