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Irony, thy name is Thursday.

Recently Triple S and I agreed that two kids are enough for this fantastic family. I'm not getting any younger and diapers aren't getting any cheaper.

I'm a bit of a space case though and I'm not a huge fan of Russian roulette so the doc and I had a chat and we agreed on a plan. A simple outpatient procedure and then I don't have to worry about any more babies.

It's weird. I love babies! Especially my sweet blonde babies. They were so cute and snuggly and wonderful easy going babies but I don't want to go back to carrying a diaper bag everywhere with me.

So in I went. After a long talk about not needing the pain medication the Doc recommended. (I'm a bit insane.) I laid on the table for an hour, had some coffee and then went to the gym.

In order to confirm that it was a success I needed an ultra sound so this past Thursday I headed over to hospital. I laid on another table and confirmation was received.

I can no longer have children. (wow that sounds s…

America's next top handgun model

Sadly there won't be any Tyra Banks or competitions where I try and make myself look like a zombie or a fairy princess. (What I do in the privacy of my own home is none of your business.)

Part of the wonderfulness of living in the South is the conservative nature of the population. Less government, more guns.  I might be simplifying their ideals a bit but it's okay to use stereotypes right?

So glad you guys are on the same page as me.

So when we moved down here Triple S and I embraced the more laissez fair attitude that the South associates with firearms and joined a range.

Point Blank Range is a top notch facility where we are always greeted with sarcasm and attitude. This isn't, of course how they treat everyone. The staff is awesome. Helpful, knowledgeable and funny. But Triple S and I aren't fans of sincerity. It confuses our bitter hearts and makes us look for deception.

Okay so Triple S is probably fine with sincerity as he had a pretty normal childhood. I'm t…


Not as awesome as VE-day or VJ-day but hey hallmark had to come up with something else when people stopped celebrating those at around the 20 year mark.

This despite Tom Hanks best efforts. Seriously the guy loves WWII.

I have to admit that Damien Lewis made me love it a bit too.

But even a generation referred to as "Great" still can't compete with the ridiculousness of women's need for men (insert whatever gender pair you want, I'm an equal opportunity love hater) to prove their love.

Enter Hallmark and Jarod and Kay and a thousand other companies that tell you if your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other loves you they will spend a lot of money on you. Probably more than they can afford. After all you can't put a price on love right?

I'm sure someone has tried. That is the whole point of being a capitalist society. (I googled economics of happiness. Who knew it was a movie! sadly there is no monetary value associated with it.)

I'm not a fa…