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this is not a real post.

What was that test you could take that would tell you what you were supposed to be when you grow up?

I think I was out that day. For some reason I thought boat college was a good idea.

I guess it kind of was. I did meet Triple S there and we do have two beautiful kids and we have been happily married for 13 years...

Sorry I got sidetracked for a minute.

The other day I was talking to a friend and they told me:

"That's the same thing my Therapist said."

That is at least the fourth time someone has said that to me.

You can look at this a few different ways.

Maybe I know a lot of crazies? TRUE


I think it says more about my poor career choice.

Strangers tell me the most intimate details of their lives. (in elevators, in line at the grocery store, at the gym, in the ladies room)

Plus I look good sitting in a chair with a pad of paper on my lap.

Also I'm super good at judging you. Seriously I'm doing it right now.

I'm going to see what the University of…

I'm alive! AROOOOOOO!

So I'm not dead and that's a good thing. I do however look like I was taken hostage. 

It wasn't raining. It wasn't too cold and I hadn't seen a single lady ab in sight. All and all a good start to the race. I was feeling reasonably confidant. After all I did show up and wasn't that half the battle? (it's possible I'm confusing GI Joe with my 'motivations' calender)

This was of course all before we hit the first obstacle. I'm not going to describe them all. No one needs a lame play by play. Plus it wasn't like I could take pictures of them. But.....

I lost my shoe!

Then I found my shoe so it was all good.

Then I got wet, that was okay.

Then I got really dirty.

Then there was barbed wire.

Then there was MUD.

We aren't talking pretty brown mud that you put in your garden. No Sir! This is Carolina red clay and it is slippery and heavy and it stains everything!

So I ran, climbed, carried, pulled, crawled, walked and did some burpies. …

If you are reading this I might already be dead.

The Spartan Race is tomorrow and I'm scared.

People keep telling me I'll do fine but I'm pretty sure they are lying. Their eyes keep darting to the left when they talk. I watch crime procedurals. That's a tell along with something called a micro-expression.

I also know bleach can't get rid of blood stains but I haven't tested that out.

New information of the "race" is that the first obstacle is a river which is swollen thanks to all the rain we've gotten in the last few weeks.

Did you know the average temp for March in NC is actually 57?

Not the 35 that is predicted!

There is a fire at the finish line. I figure by then I might be more inclined to hang out and warm up then to jump over it.

The only good part about the weather is I figure it might level the playing field a tiny bit. I am from up North. Once I went scuba diving in DECEMBER on CAPE COD! Certainly not one of my most brilliant ideas but I did it. Not to mention I owned a snow blower b…

This is NASCAR Country

In truth I have no idea what that means.

It's weird really. I live in "Race City, USA". The police cars have checkered flags running down their sides. There is a Pit Row training school only a few miles away from my house.

When I drive around town I see lots of signs for "NASCAR memorabilia".

Friends talk about what "number" they are cheering for. I smile and nod when they talk about this weekend's race. Once Triple S and I even watched the last few laps so we could be included in the conversation the next day.

Prior to that the only conversation  Triple S and I had about NASCAR was about my want to participate in a driver experience package. Not because I like a certain driver but I have some serious speed issues.

Driver- "Ma'am would you like me to sign something?"

Me- "Shhh, I'm gonna take this curve in 4th I need to concentrate."

We know mechanics and engineers and lots of other support staff. I occasionally hear s…