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My Last Day.

I was going to call this I Survived but apparently I already said that when I was talking about that Crazy Race and that isn't what I'm talking about now.

Now I'm talking about Preschool.

Today was the last day for my little ones.

Tomorrow night they graduate, then they will spend the summer making their parents insane before they head off to kindergarten.

I've learned a few things along the way and I wanted to share them with you in case anyone ever offers you a group of young minds to mold. I mean teach. I totally meant teach. Not mold. That would be weird.

1. Stockpiling is a necessity when it comes to red paint and glue sticks. Hoard them like they are the only weapon that will work against the zombies.

2. Snot is sticky. You might already know this but it needs repeating.

3. Whining is contagious like Ebola. You need to stop it at patient zero or it can turn into an epidemic.

4. Structure is great but you need to go with the flow sometimes and that might mean your perfe…

Lost and Found

So Triple S flew home from the tugboat yesterday. While he was hanging at the CLT airport waiting for his ride he found a lost phone. I told him to use the white courtesy phone and page the owner but apparently that isn't an option anymore.

He tried texted someone called "sweetie" assuming they might be able to help but they didn't respond.

So this morning I tried to contact them again only to realize the phone was shut off.

Challenge accepted!

I checked email, the address book, the navigation. I was hoping for something that could lead me to the owner.

The phone isn't new. It is a 3 year old HTC and it certainly isn't worth anything but I couldn't help but think about how awesome I would feel if it was mine and it was returned.

Google to the rescue!!

I found enough facts to find an address. It's in the mail on the way back to it's owner. Of course I left a super obnoxious note along with it.


You're welcome random traveller! 

Fact #476 About Me


I know what fighter pilots felt like when Top Gun came out!

Seriously, this is so freaking cool.

So here is the fact about me and why I'm overly excited about this movie.

I went to Boat College. Yeah that's a real place. Where you get actual college credit for learning how to tie knots and what is in a life boat.

Bilge pump
Boat hooks
Can opener

If you are reading this and you just finished my list with 'compass' then you know what I'm talking about. If you didn't, sorry you can't cheat by watching a marathon of Deadliest Catch. (Those guys are NOT my shipmates. They are insane lunatics with a death wish and serious impulse control issues.)

My shipmates include Captains of some of the largest vessels on the ocean, tugboats and cruise ships, port engineers and lawyers. Environmental clean up specialists and building managers for skyscrapers.

Boat school is surprisingly more versatile than you might think.

But none of th…

Google ME

Have you ever googled yourself?

For the most part unless you are a celebrity this is a pointless endevor.

My name brings you a really boring list of my online accounts. Facebook, twitter, linked in (why do I still have that?)

There's some chick on youtube that posts fitness videos. Despite my recent insanity that is not me.

Another one in New Haven, Connecticut working in a radio station, also not me.

If you switch it up, using my nickname or maiden name you get a lot more of the same.

There is an article about Triple S and I doing college fairs A LONG LONG time ago.
Who knew the internet could remember that far back?  (Check pg 21)

For the low low price of 39.95 you can even check my criminal record. (I'll save you the money. I don't have one. Although you might want to splurge because it is my understanding that criminals aren't always honest.)

This is totally not me. Unless it is in the evil time line? Pretty sure I haven't killed anyone in this timeline yet. It…

Last Night

I couldn't sleep.

I tried warm tea, reading, watching the news.

(That last one only served to make me chuckle. When you are raised on New York News, the A team, local news is very entertaining. It's kind of like watching student films, something is just wrong. We call them the B Team. Their clothes are just a little too loud, the makeup looks like they did it in the dark plus they stumble over words and their transitions are ridiculous.)

That was a crazy sidetrack! Not like it was the first time that's happened.

I talk about this insomnia because it is so weird.

I can fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. Regardless of caffeine or noise or time. It's seriously freakish. It only serves to make Triple S annoyed beyond words.

Sometimes when he gets home from the boat he has been up for almost 24 hours and it still takes him an hour to fall asleep. Poor guy.

The car, the couch, Airplanes. Just some of the places I have no problem sleeping. I've slept o…

Why I Love Doctor Who

An ode to  my nerdiness.

We all have TV shows we like. Shows we consider 'must see'.  Maybe we even get a little upset about them changing a major character, about a story line, but at the end of the day we move on.

Sometimes though we fall in love with something. We get sucked in. We go down the rabbit hole and hope we never have to come out.

There was a TV show called Firefly. It lasted one season. 13 episodes. That's not even a real season.

Gone in a blink but the fans weren't happy.

They wrote letters and staged protests.

3 years later they got a movie made.

One barely half season and the fans somehow turned that into a movie.

Hell, this crazy show still gets a top billed panel at Comic Con TEN YEARS LATER! (I was going to explain to you what Comic Con is but I'm guessing if you don't know you stopped reading after the title.)

It's still entertainment news when the characters from this show meet up again in their new shows. Not that I pay attention…