Google ME

Have you ever googled yourself?

For the most part unless you are a celebrity this is a pointless endevor.

My name brings you a really boring list of my online accounts. Facebook, twitter, linked in (why do I still have that?)

There's some chick on youtube that posts fitness videos. Despite my recent insanity that is not me.

Another one in New Haven, Connecticut working in a radio station, also not me.

If you switch it up, using my nickname or maiden name you get a lot more of the same.

There is an article about Triple S and I doing college fairs A LONG LONG time ago.
Who knew the internet could remember that far back?  (Check pg 21)

For the low low price of 39.95 you can even check my criminal record. (I'll save you the money. I don't have one. Although you might want to splurge because it is my understanding that criminals aren't always honest.)

This is totally not me. Unless it is in the evil time line? Pretty sure I haven't killed anyone in this timeline yet. It's all very wibbley wobbley, timey wimey.

I totally just got sidetracked for like 20 minutes. If I was famous I would google myself into full on Howard Hughes crazy.

The point of this was people searching for this blog.

Sure most people just search for my name but every once in a while it gets interesting.

Someone searched "Veronica Douglas Nascar Driver"

How awesome would that be? 

I might add that to my experience on my linked in page. Maybe I'll get an offer? Sounds reasonable to me.


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