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A Few of My Favorite Things.

Okay really only one thing.

Fried rice!!!

At this point I'm sure you are scratching your head and thinking I was going to talk about Christmas stuff. You know, egg nog, carols, teapots, whiskers on kittens (that's what Julie Andrews was really talking about). By now you should know that nothing here leads where you think it's going to.

I love the South. I might have mentioned this once or twice.

It's not perfect though. There are some things lacking here that I might have taken for granted while I was living in NJ. I was just about to list a bunch of cultural stuff but lets be honest, who cares about any of that?

Food. I miss the food.

So lets go back to the beginning of this confusing story.

At thanksgiving the preschool where I work had a breakfast, each classroom was responsible for a portion of the aforementioned breakfast. My kids had to bring breakfast meat. Suggestions included, sausage, bacon, liver mush(if you don't know what this is it's apparently b…

Holiday Spirit

I have two unrelated stories today because I like to keep you guys guessing as to what will come next.

Story number 1:

Today was a busy day. There was a long list of stuff I was supposed to get done and it was going to be one thing after another. At some point I realized I was starving so I popped into Subway (so I get paid for product placement?) to grab a quick bite.

I was all set to get some chicken and veggie, healthy, Jarrod approved sandwich when the guy in front of me ordered three 6 inch meatball subs. As the subway lady put them together I was seduced by the red sauce. When it came time to order I got one.

Side note: No judging! I normally make my own sauce from scratch and never buy frozen meatballs. NEVER. But it looked so good and I was so hungry!

Anyway, I ordered the sandwich and moved down the counter towards the register. When the gentleman in front of me got there he paid for his and then added to cashier that he would pay for mine too.

It was such a nice surprise. I …

Triple S Would Make a Horrible Spy

Not because he has a bad poker face or because he can't be sneaky.

He has a great poker face and he can be very sneaky. This comes in handy because like a 6 year old I will search for my Christmas presents. It's not that I don't like surprises.

I do. I just have no self control. (I'll pause while you gasp dramatically.)

Triple S can't be a spy because he answers questions in his sleep.

Scott works on a tugboat. He works a 2 and 2 schedule. For you non boat people that means he works for 2 weeks on the boat (yes, he even sleeps there), then he is home for 2 weeks. That is 2 whole weeks where he has nothing to do. Well nothing except my honey do list. It usually isn't that long since I'm handy.

You would think this would mean I would make him do all kinds of stuff so I could take a break but because I am so freaking awesome I don't do that. Also it's just easier to do most things myself. (And it's possible that I'm a eansy weensie, tiny bit of…

My GIANT tree

This is not a complaint. (Triple S has pointed out that just by saying this I am already complaining.)

I wanted to start with that since this is going to sound a lot like a complaint.

My living room. It has a ridiculous double ceiling.

When the children are running around the echo is deafening. No amount of pictures or carpets seems to deaden the sound.I thought about pretending we live in a castle and cover the walls with tapestries but it turns out they aren't cheap. Or attractive. Or available at Target.

So for eleven months out of the year I'm not a fan of the ridiculous waste of space that is the double ceiling.

But it's not those eleven anymore. It's December!

The one month when I love the stupid thing.

Seriously joyful!

It's Christmas! And the number one thing that Christmas brings besides joy and children singing in harmony, and world peace, and wishes and family outings and .... Sorry I got sidetracked there for a moment.




I'm Thankful I'm Handy

Yeah it's two weeks after Thanksgiving but I'm going to post about things I'm thankful for anyway.

I'm thankful my pops, the big RECCO, fixed everything. We never called a plumber or an electrician unless they were related to us.

When I was little he had only blue collar jobs. He would come home covered in mud and blood, but even when he got himself a fancy office his hands still betrayed his handiness. Massive with thick callouses, they always had a few cuts because although dad was handy he was also impatient. He would jam that giant mitt into the tiniest places because it would take longer to get the extension for the wrench.

He once sawed a socket wrench in half because it wouldn't fit in between my engine block and the radiator. Of course he couldn't be bothered to file the edge so the radiator fluid and his blood mixed into a horribly macabre Christmas decoration all over the driveway.

Not that he noticed. We always needed to point out to him when he was…