Monday, October 15, 2012

Chili Cook Off (Take 2)

All of my faithful and fantastic followers know that for some bizarro reason I entered a chili cook off a few weeks ago.

Then there was thunder and lighting and buckets and buckets of rain and it was cancelled.

So I did it again. 10 plus gallons of chilli cooked and ready to hand out.

Raw ingredients. This is before I make the "magic" happen. Oh yeah and sing it with me. Goya oh Boya!
 The event was supposed to run from 4-8.

I ran out of Chili at 6.

Half way through, and I was out!

My only saving grace was that I wasn't the first. I cleaned up my table and started to wander only to realize about half of the 40 competitors were out as well. 
Lots of people and me doing my best ymcA impression.

10 gallons seemed like a ridiculous amount of chili and it was gone (two spoonfuls at a time) in 2 hours!

I didn't win. In case you were wondering. (I call Bravo Sierra)

The police did.

I wanted to make some comment about the judges not wanting to make the people with guns angry but then I remembered that this is the South and everyone carries a gun.

There was also a peoples choice winner. Based on ticket counts I came in about 5th there which is pretty freaking awesome considering how many people were there and I had never done anything like this before. (well unless you count the two weeks before when it was rained out but I'm not so you shouldn't either.)

So this is it. My new life's mission is to win! I'm going to buy a trailer and spend every weekend perfecting my recipe. I'm going to dedicate every free moment to finding the perfect chili pepper. Never mind. I'm going to have to grow it. Keep them close so I can ensure their perfection. 

Wait, would I have time for this blog?

On second thought I'll probably just try again next year.

Special thank to MIL (Mother in Law) for the apron. Got a lot of compliments on it and a few laughs when I flipped it over.  (it had topless firefighters on it, cause MIL is just a little bit crazy too.)

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