Holiday Spirit

I have two unrelated stories today because I like to keep you guys guessing as to what will come next.

Story number 1:

Today was a busy day. There was a long list of stuff I was supposed to get done and it was going to be one thing after another. At some point I realized I was starving so I popped into Subway (so I get paid for product placement?) to grab a quick bite.

I was all set to get some chicken and veggie, healthy, Jarrod approved sandwich when the guy in front of me ordered three 6 inch meatball subs. As the subway lady put them together I was seduced by the red sauce. When it came time to order I got one.

Side note: No judging! I normally make my own sauce from scratch and never buy frozen meatballs. NEVER. But it looked so good and I was so hungry!

Anyway, I ordered the sandwich and moved down the counter towards the register. When the gentleman in front of me got there he paid for his and then added to cashier that he would pay for mine too.

It was such a nice surprise. I thanked him profusely and wandered out of Subway with just a tiny bit less cynicism in my heart.

In a "pay it forward" moment there was a salvation army bell ringer out front so I shoved the cash I had pulled out to pay for my sandwich into the kettle.

So thanks nice guy for giving me a dose of holiday cheer and thank you to my awesome obnoxious facebook friends that proceeded to belittle the gesture by implying I might have somehow traded or threatened the man into paying. I would expect nothing less from a group of degenerates.

Story number 2

Walking out of a large department store I held the door while an elderly couple came in. The following is their conversation.

Husband: Okay so I am heading to the boys department to get 3 collared shirts and two pairs of pants for Tom and Mike and you are going to the ladies department to get perfume and gloves for Jessica and Sarah.

Wife: I'll see you in an hour.

Then I watched the husband check his watch. I though for sure he was going to tell her to move out. Or take the beach. I wasn't surprised at all to see the Semper Fi hat perched on his head.

Once a marine always a marine. I guess that applies to Christmas shopping as well as warfare.


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