Monday, July 30, 2012

Employment, Here I Come.

I haven't forgotten about the cheese update. I swear. I will give full details soon, but right now I want to talk about something new.

 A job. That's right. I got me a J O B.

Two years ago Triple S and I moved down here (the South) to try and improve our quality of life. NJ had just about sucked every last bit of it out of us.
it's a black hole?
I consider it a success. I yell less, I have so much free time I occasional try insane things like making my own cheese and blogging, and I get to go to the gym and try and stay healthy. Basically everything is coming up roses.

Initially I had told triple S I wasn't sure how I would handle not working as I've either had a full time job or been in school full time since I was 16. No summers off for me.

Absolutely no idea who his guy is or what he is doing.

That was of course foolish as I reveled in my free time after the shock of not having to be busy every minute of everyday wore off I basked in the joy of staying home. Getting to spend more quality time with my family and feeling much less guilty about taking an hour or two for myself.

This year though, Natalie will be starting kindergarten. I know most parents would be sad about this. Or at least most moms. I however have never claimed to be like most moms. So I'm thrilled she is starting school. She is a smart little girl and will do great, of that I have no fear.

Now we turn back to the point of this post. With both kids in school I had hoped to find some sort of part time position. One that would keep me busy while the kids were away at school but would still allow me time to volunteer in their classrooms.

It seemed a tall order. Near to impossible.

Then last year things started to look up. I was asked to substitute teach at Natalie's preschool numerous times. I became so popular that I would occasionally get two requests for the same day. I had to keep track of everything in a calender.

It was Crazy! But Awesome.

I began to hope that maybe this would turn into a full time position by the next year. I had seen it happen before. It wasn't so far fetched. The impossible seemed possible.
Wilson and a monkey's fist.

But I didn't want to get my hopes up. It was perfect. Surely I wouldn't be the only one who wanted it?

I expressed my interest and tried to convey my sincerity. (Not an east task when I spend most of my days being sarcastic.)

I hoped but I didn't assume.

Today though I get to celebrate. I have a job! Something perfect that allows me to continue doing everything I've grown to enjoy about not working full time.

I'm tempted to play the lottery. Maybe place a bet? I wonder how long this luck will hold out.

Furiously Happy (to quote a very worldly lady)

You-These pictures make no sense.

Me-You don't say? 

I typed the words in red into a Google imagine search and picked something at random.


Sometimes I worry about myself.

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