Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spoiled Children

Driving home from the gym today (like how I throw that in there to remind you that I am still preparing for that evil Spartan Race?) Colin starts his usual requests to go to various people's houses.

Social etiquette is lost on the young.

Me- "Not everyone likes to have crazy kids running around their house."

Colin- "Why?" (that questions never gets old)

Me- "Maybe their house is smaller than ours."

Colin- "How small?"

Me- "Not small, just smaller. Like our house in New Jersey."

Colin- "That's small."

Mind you our small house in NJ was over 2000 square feet. My beautiful delusional son lives such a spoiled life that our old house was small to him.

This is also why his insane lust for a bunk bed baffles me. I mean I get why he wants one. Sleeping on the top bunk is a rite of passage. I just don't get why he thinks he needs one.

I had a bunk bed as a child. Not because it was cool or because I wanted one. I had a bunk bed because when you live with your mother, her mother and your brother in a 900 sq ft apartment (That is small) you need to make the most of the floor space.

I'm not complaining. We were never hungry and we always had clean clothes and despite the space we got new presents every year on our birthday and Christmas. So really I'm not complaining. I only point out this massive difference to help illustrate why I don't see the need for a bunk bed. 

Colin's birthday is next week and he is getting a bunk bed. Mind you it is a hand-me down bunk bed. But he is still getting one.

I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to getting him unspoiled.

I can't help it. I love his adorable smile. His beautiful blue eyes and his perfect round cheeks.

Yes he's holding a frog but that's another story. 

Colin has just informed me that is a toad, not a frog. They aren't the same you know.

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