Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Open Letter

Thank you. No seriously, Thank you. (yes this is sarcasm)

To everyone at the gym tonight who didn't say a word to me while they politely laughed at my jokes.

I have a friend who will show you her teeth every time you share a meal with her. She begs you to "check them". I thought this was insane. I mean really certifiable but...

This might have been staged for dramatic effect.
There was a piece of oregano in my teeth from my dinner. Seriously!

As soon as I got home I went into the bathroom and sure enough, there it was. Big as you like.

I made two stops after I left the gym.

People stared and I'm pretty sure it had everything to do with my teeth and nothing to do with the fact that I was wearing pigtails and a dewrag, not to mention the smell.

It was definitely the oregano.

What must they think?

I felt shame.

I'm going to floss and brush one more time just to be sure my chompers are their shiny best and then maybe I will be able to sleep tonight without having nightmares about rotting teeth.


I don't want to have to ask so please raise your right hand and promise you will say something next time.

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