Last Night

I couldn't sleep.

I tried warm tea, reading, watching the news.  

(That last one only served to make me chuckle. When you are raised on New York News, the A team, local news is very entertaining. It's kind of like watching student films, something is just wrong. We call them the B Team. Their clothes are just a little too loud, the makeup looks like they did it in the dark plus they stumble over words and their transitions are ridiculous.)

Please note the spelling. Nice work B team!

That was a crazy sidetrack! Not like it was the first time that's happened.

I talk about this insomnia because it is so weird.

I can fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. Regardless of caffeine or noise or time. It's seriously freakish. It only serves to make Triple S annoyed beyond words.

Sometimes when he gets home from the boat he has been up for almost 24 hours and it still takes him an hour to fall asleep. Poor guy.

The car, the couch, Airplanes. Just some of the places I have no problem sleeping. I've slept on the floor.  I sleep before tests, before big days, with things to worry about, with stress and sickness. Heck I even slept at the hospital after my water broke with my first child and my husband was trapped on a boat.

Seriously freaky.

So you can see why last night was such a rare occurrence.

I was up till almost 4am. Once I accepted that I wasn't going to sleep though I did get to catch up on all the NCIS episodes sitting on the DVR.

Still no resolution of Vance's wife and Ziva's father's killer. In case you were wondering. Tonight I'm shooting for an early bed time. I assume I'll be asleep before the light bulb cools as per usual.


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