Sunday, August 10, 2014

Raccoons and Monkeys

Remember when we cloned a sheep? (holy cow that was 1996!)


It was all Brave New World references and religious freak outs. People love a good slippery slope argument. To prove how scary this was we made movie after movie where we cloned people with horrible consequences.
How the hell did this guy pull off Batman?

We even pulled out some old stories that seemed relevant again. Can you say Island of Doctor Moreau? (I'm talking about the horrible remake with Marlon Brando, based on the other movie from 1977, based on the other movie from 1932, based on the book written in 1896)

Both of these movies came out the same year as Dolly.

Now if you are a conspiracy theorist you won't believe this next part so just pretend I'm a puppet for the man and keep reading.

Nothing happened. No animal people hybrids or nightmare diseases that brought about the long awaited zombie apocalypse. Nothing other than a few other medical experiments that we promptly forgot about.

I'll admit I never really cared although that had more to do with my age than any real apathy for the subject.

I care now though.

There are two movies in theaters right now that make the idea of animal experimentation seem either awesome or terrifying.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
I didn't see this movie. Why are they wearing face paint?

Guardians of the Galaxy
I assume if I get a Rocket I get a Groot too.

Both have talking, intelligent animals that make it much harder to pretend animals don't have souls.

They are making me think hard about cloning. On the one hand if it means monkey overlords and human subjugation I'm totally against it but on the other hand if Rocket can be my new best friend I might have to start writing my Congressman.

Food for thought people.

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  1. LOL! It is definitely terrifying unless of course they can get me my own Gizmo from Gremlins, in which case I am fully on board! ;)-Ashley



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