Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Never, Ever, Grow Old

When I was younger the only 'old' people I knew weren't really that old. In retrospect they were actually pretty young. Certainly not much older than some of my friends are now.

BUT They had old people hair, they dressed like old people, they even smelled like old people.

Now when I say OLD I'm talking not about a specific number but a mindset.

I'm pretty sure most of them weren't over 50 but they acted so old. The TV was too loud. Teenagers were awful. What is with today's music? 

side note. TEENAGERS are awful. You aren't old if you think that, you just aren't a teenager. 

I hated the idea that one day I was going to be "old" too. One day I was going to just give up and go grey. No more cool shoes. No more exciting movies. No more scandalous jokes. No more anything fun.

I was going to get a Laz-e-boy and watch Matlock (or some other equally boring show) until I died.

They say 40 is the new 30 or 50 is the new 40? I don't know because they change it all the time. Grey is the new black too. Or something like that.

I talk about this now because I have never wanted to grow old. Up? sure. It's cool to be a semi responsible adult because it means I can make my own choices and do my own things. It means I know who I am and don't care what anyone else thinks. (I'm pretty sure this blog is all the proof you need of that.)

Old? No thank you.

I was hoping that as I looked back it wasn't that they were old but that I was so young and couldn't imagine anything past the next morning.

Nope. They are still old. Pictures and memories viewed through more mature eyes (that still don't need glasses!!!!!! WOOOO) can't change the fact that these people chose to get OLD.

Right now though there are a bunch of ladies in my life that are becoming my idols. Ladies who refuse to grow old. Ladies who do and say amazing things. Ladies who get up every morning and tell father time to Buzz Off.

This lady is my idol!

Nonagenarian's rule!

I'm going to follow their example. I'm not going to get "old". I'm going to get more awesome with each passing year. Screw you Father time. (My idols are slightly more polite than I am)


  1. I am with you on this subject! Where is the rule that says because you are fifty you have to go gray, wear sensible shoes and a cardigan?

  2. Hey!! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks for being awesome!! (Here's the link to the original post :)

  3. Isn't it absolutely crazy when you think about how old people used to be...I am the same age now as my parents were when I used to think they were ancient! Love your philosophy...I will grow up but not old with you! :)-Ashley



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