Sunday, April 10, 2016

I'm broken

Remember last week when I told you all about some lunatic that ran 100 miles?

Of course you do.

That is the sort of thing that sticks with you, perhaps even haunts you.

Well today I ran the Spartan. Again. You might remember I did this 3 years ago.

I was ready for today. I'm in better shape, stronger and faster.

I'm also OLDER. 

shakes an angry fist at father time. MEN!

About two thirds of the way through I scaled a ten foot wall and on the way down I tumbled and.......Well I'll just let this picture explain.

Yup. that is a broken wrist.

So whatever, that happens. People do stupid things and get hurt all the time.

OTHER PEOPLE!! Not me. I'm invincible. 

OK maybe not invincible but while I was getting x rayed I had some time to think. I've never had an x ray. At least not one in all the years I've been old enough to remember.

That's crazy.  

NEVER had an x ray? That's just a shame because look how pretty my bones are.

SELFISH. Very selfish.  So you're welcome. I did this for you.

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