Memory is Weird


This post contains almost no humor.
Mostly it is a late anniversary present to Triple S.

Proceed at your own risk.

There are certain things that always trigger a memory. Sights, sounds, smells. Memory is much more than just pictures. For me, my easiest trigger is music.

I've forgotten most of my high school days. (I'm old, Remember?) I don't remember who I had for Sophomore math or who taught me what a monologue was. I can't remember who sat next to me in homeroom or who my locker was next to.

I can remember walking home from a party and singing "More Than Words" by Extreme with a girlfriend.

I remember playing the cassette single for Lisa Loeb until I knew every word in my little blue Ford Tempo.

I'm taking this horrible musical trip down memory lane because my new car has Satellite Radio. A wonderful luxury that I am enjoying to the fullest.

The decades channels are making me smile with every horrible song that plays.

Who could forget the adorable guy in Art who introduced me to Mathew Sweet?

It doesn't stop with High School though.

There are songs that I so totally identify with people it's like they wrote the songs themselves. Sometimes because we shared a memory with music as the soundtrack or because at the time I thought the song was so perfect for them or our relationship or just because I thought they would like it.

Right now though, this post is about my husband.

Sitting at a friends house the other day, enjoying a great girls night, music was playing softly in the background. At one point an Eagles song came on.

I was in college when this CD came out. I remember buying it and loving it. I remember there was a song called "Get Over It" that I loved because it was such a kick in the ass to complainers. (Something I was never a fan of.)

I remember finding this song just as Triple S and I started to get serious. I loved this song and I was quickly falling in love with him. I thought it was perfect.

I don't remember why it wasn't our wedding song (we chose Harry Connick jr's version of "It Had To Be You") but it is the song that makes me think of my husband. The song that reminds me what those first few months felt like. The song that triggers memory's that leave me smiling until my face aches.


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