Sadly this isn't Funny.

Heard this on the radio this afternoon.

Apparently Macklemore and Ryan Lewis didn't get the Snoop Dog Memo. (Or Snoop Lion. Maybe this is a P Ditty name change thing?) Rap will never embrace gay people.

If I were gay I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this. They haven't been 'embracing' the female population either. Unless you like being called a ho in which case your welcome.

I don't say this to bad mouth rap. I grew up in the 80s and the 90s. At one point I knew all of the words to 'Nuthin' but a "G" Thang' and I love the Beasties Boys. (I'm singing Sabotage in my head right now.)

You can of course argue that none of that is rap but that isn't really the point.

I think he's wrong.

Time is the universal equalizer.

Things that were so forbidden that we couldn't even talk about them are common place 100 years later.

I hope Gay rights don't take that long but in the mean time it's always nice to see someone say F U with a smile and say how they feel. Even if their 'peers' might not agree.

Love is Love is Love is Love. 

Update 6/26/2013

So the supreme court got rid of DOMA. I'd like to think after a millions papers written about equal rites and marches and protests and people standing up against unbelievable odds it was all thanks to my blog.

Okay, that's a tiny bit silly. I'll take like %75 of the credit.

Congratulations to humanity for taking one step closer to equality for all.


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