Monday, January 2, 2012


So  my children love Big Time Rush. Some Nickelodeon created boy band ala 2000's answer to the Monkees. In an attempt to be an awesome mom I checked their tour dates and low and behold they come 'close' in March. I click on the ridiculously over sized 'buy ticket' button and the darn thing is sold out.

I tell you this because there is seriously something wrong in this world when I can't get tickets to see some mass produced boy band but B.B. King wont have a full house. (His show is next week instead of in 3 months!)

Now for my shame. I was actually looking forward to their dancing and singing. I managed to avoid getting wrapped up in any NKOTB foolishness. (I still know all the words to their Christmas album but that has more to do with a sister who played that dam CD in a freaking loop for the entire month of December.) Somehow these adorable boys have broken my hard heart.

I love their happy, poppy music. (I hang my head)

Darn you tweens and your parents(with more forethought and planning)!

Is it ridiculous to take a vacation around a concert?

I'm not asking you deadheads. Your opinions don't count.

I got no less than 3 text messages letting me know about a groupon for tickets for when BTR (that's what kids in the know call Big Time Rush) comes to town at the end of the summer.


I can once again reclaim my title of awesomest mom ever (it's unofficial).

Wait what was the date again?

Mumbled cursing under my breath!  We will be out of town for my brothers wedding.

Do you think he would change the date? Or Maybe I could skip it. I mean I'm not a bridesmaid or anything. (The officiant isn't a member of the wedding party right?)


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