Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm Fixed...

Notice I got rid of the question mark and added some ellipsis. (Yeah, I had to look up what that was called, at least I knew it had a name though right?)

So I just got back from my check up where I was cleared by my Doc to resume normal activity.

I think he was confused though because I resumed "normal" activity about 2 days after surgery (my preschoolers need me!) and started resuming MY activity a few days after that.

This is me exactly one week out from surgery back in Krav Maga.

Sure maybe it wasn't a great idea but going insane also wasn't the best option.

Besides. I was careful and as you can see from the picture I wore a brace.

Of course that brace didn't last for long and about a week after that I started back at cross-fit too.
And carrying children.

Don't freak out. I modified and scaled stuff down. I even listened to my body and didn't do stuff that made my wrist throb. That's almost like being a good patient.


It's at this point that I can only imagine Triple S is cursing under his breath and wondering what the hell is wrong with me.  There are now 206 posts on this blog trying to figure that out and we don't have time to recap so lets just sum up by saying LOTS.

reason 207:

Yesterday I did a 1/2 Murph. 

If you're mumbling under your breath about how I drank the cross-fit cool-aid you're probably right but that doesn't mean you shouldn't know who this workout is named for.

I scaled the bejesus out of it but got it done.

I have a point and I swear I'm getting there. Really.

Today the Doc was impressed with my recovery. Apparently my range of motion is awesome for this point in my recovery. The only problem with all of that is it just reinforced that I can continue to be crazy person. 

PS I did listen and accept that I can't grapple this coming weekend. :-(

PPS I'm 40 now and as further proof I need help this is how I celebrated my birthday.

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