Thursday, January 31, 2019

100 is a big NUMBER.

You guys know I work out right? I mean I post about it non stop. Sweaty pictures. Weight totals. Calluses. All the stuff that helps you to get better, faster, stronger.

That's how it works. At least the internet would like you to beleive that.

What an awesome world it would be if that were true.

Sadly the only thing that makes you get better at anything is HARD WORK. And not just on the days when you feel like it but on the days when you're tired and really just want to hang out on the couch with your super fluffy dog.

Today's workout was 100 rep challenge. It was supposed to be 100 back squats @ 50% of your 1 RM.
I immediately thought "no thanks". Obviously, I was already there though so that wasn't really an option. I really didn't want to do it.

100 is SO MANY.

Still not an option though and since squats are the only thing I haven't been scaling thanks to the shoulder (partially torn rotator cuff, a story for another day) I really had no excuse.

So I check my notes on my phone to see what my current max is.

I guess I haven't worked up to a max in a bit because my last 1RM is my current 3RM. Based on the super high number though I wasn't really motivated to estimate any higher than necessary.

83 pounds. That is what I settled on and it seemed like a solid choice.

That was of course until I did the first 25 reps unbroken. I started to think that I had underestimated myself. A thing I am prone to do on occasion. But I was only a quarter of the way through. There was still a good chance that as I got closer to the 100 I would be happy to be done.

96 97 98 99 100

As soon as I stood on the last rep I knew I should have gone heavier but it's not like I was going to start over. That's crazy talk.

Half joking coach says "Why not just go for 200?".


Such a funny guy.

Except then I picked up the bar and got back to work.

200 back squats at #83.

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