Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why I love Facebook

I have moved a lot. And then there was the different jobs and college out of state. Basically I know a lot of people from a lot of different places. Of course they will more than likely never meet but some are so awesome I tell stories about them to the others

Sadly since these people will never meet they just have to take my word about the number of crazy people I know.

(SSS constantly tells me that Crazy attracts Crazy. It's possible he is right about this but don't tell him.)

Sorry I seem to be rambling again. Back to the point.

Yesterday I posted just some silly little thing about what I did that afternoon and what followed was a ridiculous conversation between and old friend and a new one.  Two people who will probably never meet spent a few minutes being ridiculous on facebook.

It was awesome. The best part is that it isn't even the first time.

I hope you will remember this the next time someone sends you a farmville request or an invitation to play bejeweled. Facebook can be used for good.

Okay maybe not good but at least a laugh.

Friday, March 23, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things.

So Triple S (Super Supportive Scott, AKA my husband) has added a new header to my blog that somehow manages to include my 3 favorite things (if you don't include my kids, or my husband, of course).

Number one is Chuck Norris.
If I need to explain to you why Chuck is awesome then you should leave right now. Or you can read about him here,  or watch here, did I mention he trained with Bruce Lee?

Number two is the Dodge Challenger. A modern day muscle car with 350 horses under the hood... Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Sorry. My heart stopped for a minute because I was thinking about the sound the engine makes. Have you seen it's beauty? There is currently a model of the car sitting next to the keyboard on my desk. (Test drove it again the other day but that's another story)

Number three Jason Statham.
If you haven't seen The Transporter you need to. Seriously! Stop right now and watch it's awesomeness. He takes his shirt off just to tie some guy up in it. I'm not kidding. That actually happens.He does that in a lot of his movies. It's usually my favorite part. Along with the kicking. And the punching. And the English accent.

It's like a trifecta of awesome.

Enjoy it while you can kiddies. Triple S is a fickle bastard and is likely to change it again.

OHHH. Maybe it can include Eliot Spencer?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Title

Super supportive Scott (My alliterated Husband) has advised me that I should change the name of this blog.

I am INVINCIBLE. I'm a Loony.

He has also suggested a layout change but I'm not good at that so I'm giving him my top secret password and letting him have a go. So if things get really scary you know why.

I Can't Make This Up

My little peanut has been sick for the last few days. The only problem is that she doesn't give any warning before it's too late. Last night it had been a few hours since her last episode so we had relaxed a bit.


What follows is a play by play:

She leaned forward and I saw her face. Leaping up I grabbed her and hurried to the bathroom. My arms held out in front of me, her facing away. I didn't make it two steps before she started spewing like a fire hose.

Two steps away from the bathroom my carpet make way for some lovely oak wood flooring. (the type of flooring isn't really relevant but I was trying to give you something other than vomit to think about)

As soon as my foot his the slick surface I slipped on the remains of the peanuts dinner. Falling to the floor I managed to ensure no harm came to the little one but I was not so lucky myself. My knee smacking onto the hard wood floor with a lovely thud.
I have slid down an entire flight of wooden stairs, wiped out while skiing so spectacularly that Ski patrol came over, been tackled and wrestled and competed in any number of sports including full contact martial arts. Never once have I received anything worse than a bruise.

I've never broken, sprained, pulled or strained anything!

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

To be taken down by vomit and to not even have the story start with "I was so drunk."

Scott says I shouldn't horrify people by talking about vomit but I say that it the best part of the story.  Who cares if I slipped on a melted ice cube or some spilled juice? LAME!

Slip on vomit? HILARIOUS! At least it was after the pain subsisted.

The moral is that just because you are old and boring doesn't mean you have to stop telling stories about being covered in vomit. :-)

In case you are curious. It was been a little over a week and I have been back to the gym. I think I'm about %85 and that isn't bad for someone who has suddenly started to fall apart.

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