Tuesday, March 31, 2020

30 Days of Social Distancing

Most the country is locked down.

Although that is a relative term since you are still able to go out to "essential businesses".

An odd group of stores that only seems to leave out small, local businesses. 

I'm not in charge though and I don't have a degree in medicine or virology or anything that might allow me to help make sense of this.

What I do have is some suggestions to keep you from going insane.

But before I offer them I wanted to talk about me. This is my blog after all so most of the stuff on here is about me.

I post a lot of dumb stuff on my social media. Stuff about my kids, my dog, about how much I love coffee. About all the bruises I get doing all the insane things I do.  None of this is because I think I'm better than anyone or because I want to show you how cool I am.

This is ridiculous. The only difference between me and most people is that one day I got off the couch and decided to try.

That faceless blob behind that adorable kid is me. I am close to 300 pounds in this picture and still pretending that it's because I have big bones. Now I'm not going to start fat-shaming anyone but I am unhealthy is this picture. No doubt I was out of breath chasing after that cute little Dash look alike.

I would stay that way for a few more years before I would finally run out of excuses.

I'm telling you this because you have 30 days.

Imagine what you can change in 30 days? So if some stupid picture I post inspires you I'm glad. That is the whole point. If I can do it you can too.

So use your 30 days wisely. They are going to pass regardless. Will you come out the other side a better you? You just have to get off the couch.

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