Sunday, February 10, 2013


Not as awesome as VE-day or VJ-day but hey hallmark had to come up with something else when people stopped celebrating those at around the 20 year mark.

This despite Tom Hanks best efforts. Seriously the guy loves WWII.

I have to admit that Damien Lewis made me love it a bit too.

A ginger should not look that good in a uniform

But even a generation referred to as "Great" still can't compete with the ridiculousness of women's need for men (insert whatever gender pair you want, I'm an equal opportunity love hater) to prove their love.

Enter Hallmark and Jarod and Kay and a thousand other companies that tell you if your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other loves you they will spend a lot of money on you. Probably more than they can afford. After all you can't put a price on love right?

I'm sure someone has tried. That is the whole point of being a capitalist society. (I googled economics of happiness. Who knew it was a movie! sadly there is no monetary value associated with it.)

I'm not a fan.

Not in some sort of ultra feminist way. I mean I'm all for women power but I don't need to hate on V day to feel stronger. If flowers make you happy then enjoy them to your hearts content.

Look away if you are waiting for snark because I'm about to be mushy.

Expressions of love are individual. Like fingerprints and snowflakes. (wow that was a bit too mushy)

Triple S has gotten me some presents that would get most men relegated to the couch. Some of the best include a blender, a scale, sneakers and a vacuum.
It was so shiny and perfect

You read that right. A scale and a vacuum! I did ask for the scale and I'm not sure if this it is a statement about me, him, or our relationship but when the vacuum arrived I called thrilled.  "Best present ever!"

So on V Day this year I hope the love of your life gets you the present of your heart's desire.

Even if it is still the stupidest, most ridiculous, mass marketed holiday ever.

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