Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm not sure I was the right choice for the job.

So you guys are aware that I teach preschool these days. (Adding this to my resume makes it seem like I have a multiple personality disorder.)

Sometimes around town I run into some of the little kids under my expert tutelage.

This week I had three such encounters.

1) "Hey I just saw Miss Ronnie playing soccer and she knocked down someone."

Not necessarily a bad statement until you qualify it with more details. I was coaching my 8 year old son's team. Yes, that is right. I shoved an 8 year old to the ground. I don't care if your only 4 feet tall. I'm not going to loose.

2) "We saw you driving. Mom said you went fast." This woman is married to a race car driver.

I might have mentioned before that I'm an 'aggressive' driver. That I like to go fast. I don't speed as much any more because I have kids so instead I just treat every green light and stop sign like it's a drag race.

I think I should be relieved that there was no mention of my singing.  It's LOUD and I roll the windows down. I don't care about the ridiculous amount of pollen in the air right now.

3) At lunch yesterday after the gym I saw a familiar little girl. I smiled and waved and she ran SCREAMING over to her mom. Everyone stared and suddenly the mom peaked her head around the corner. Luckily she recognized me and the little girl calmed down enough so that we could understand what she was saying. "I saw my teacher."

This was all before the police were called and an amber alert was issued.

Teachers don't really talk about their kids or their jobs. It's kind of like Doctor/Patient privledge but with crayons, but I still think this is a weird week right?

Despite my weird obsession with Julie Andrews I am no Mary Poppins.

Did I mention I taught my students "Snitches get Stitches" last week?

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  1. You crack me Recco!! I was hysterical reading this and not surprised at all!!


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