Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ruby Slippers

I love The Wizard of Oz!
Follow The Yellow Brick Road.

I have owned this movie in every form possible. VHS taped from TV, Beta-max, DVD and now Blu-Ray but I've never seen it on the big screen. I'm going to get a chance soon though. It's coming back in IMAX.

I'm going to take my kids. I've made them sit through it at home but it's not the same. Movies are still special on the big screen even if the sound and definition is probably better on the flat-screen in my living room. The popcorn isn't the same.something to do with the butter or the salt?

My love of this movie (and book) caused me to spoil some things about the musical Wicked when I went to see it with some awesome ladies. Which was an amazing musical by the way, made all the more amazing by my level extreme nerd love of all things Oz.
The Ruby Slippers aren't really Ruby. They changed them to red for the movie to take advantage of the new color technology. (Good Lord I am a nerd!)

Fun Fact: When Triple S and I sat down to put together our wedding album I wanted all the photos from before the ceremony to be black and white and all the ones after to be in color. I thought it was genius. (This was before Pinterest people.)

Sadly this was also in the days before digital photography and although my photographer used both black and white and color film there wasn't enough of either to make the idea work without leaving out some of my favorite shots. He offered to covert the black and whites but it would be at a steep change as according to him 'it wasn't easy'. I have no idea how accurate that statement is as I'm not a photographer but at the time I had already laid out a pretty penny for my wedding and wasn't willing to increase the number any higher.

I know I'm a paragon of fiscal conservativeness.

So I didn't get my Wizard of Oz homage but I did get Triple S so I guess it was a fair trade.
I have a pair of red shoes but they aren't as cool as these.

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