Tuesday, March 25, 2014

14 years!!!

So today is my 14th anniversary with Triple S and if he were home I would kiss him.

He isn't. (I'll wait for you to pick yourself up off the floor. It's not like he's missed anything before right?) 

The last time he was home we were home improvement fiends! Working hard to get our shiny new house where we want it to be.

This of course includes all kinds of little things. The house was new after all, but since we aren't Rockefellers we didn't pay the builder to do everything for us. Think no cabinets knobs or garage door openers. (I think the mark up on them was like %400!)

 So we search the Internet for deals.  (When I say we what I mean is Triple S)

Fast forward to used cabinets on Craigslist for a steal that Triple S wanted to put in the laundry room. (I argued they were too nice as the idea of a fancy laundry room is disturbing to me. "oh let me just go in this pretty laundry room and relax." said no one ever!)

This is Triple S's FB post. Proof that we are perfect for each other.

But we got them and no one was killed. Heck no one was even threatened.  Now Triple S is back on the boat and sending me more Craiglist cabinets.

To pick up ALONE.

Obviously I can take care of myself but.....

Wait, do you think this is his convoluted way of hiring someone to murder me?

If so I take back what I said about him being perfect and I would write a letter to the police about "in the event of my untimely demise." But I'm pretty sure they always assume it's the husband anyway so good luck!

Although it is possible that he is just being a good husband and trying to make our home nicer. If that's the case never mind the part where I accused you of wanting to murder me pumpkin. I love you too.

Happy 14th!!

Gosh we were cute.

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  1. We STILL are cute. I think most of our friends will agree, if anyone is going to end up buried in a shallow ditch in a hard to find location, it will be me.


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