Thursday, March 19, 2015

WTF Amazon!

Obviously Amazon is awesome. Especially if you have a prime account. The free movies and music are whatever. I have netflix I don't need your pity Amazon! But 2 day shipping?

Hell yeah!

Do I need this book/sneaker/sticker/coffee/charger/whatever thing? Maybe but it can be here in two days so ...... Yes please send it to me.

Back on point.

Did you guys know I LOVE obnoxious t shirts? Nerdy or weird or full of ridiculous fandom love.
I love them. I wear them to work and to the gym.

Most people who see me on a regular basis have noticed this about me.

It isn't unusual for someone to send me something like this on FB.
They come in the form of texts too.

 Usually Triple S is mentioned in the hopes that he will get creative and everyone will get cool new t shirts.

It's happened before.
These were all made by the amazing Triple S
This one is for our fantastic Alma mater!

OMG I am so far off topic. Not that this is shocking to you. Certainly this is something that is a regular problem.

Any who....... Origin story over!

I was on Amazon, amusing myself by looking at t shirts, and I decided to see if there was anything Krav Maga related.

WTF Amazon! Every thing, all the time, isn't about men. You sexist pig. I hate you!

Phew. Deep breaths. It isn't fair for me to judge Amazon like that. Let me change my search parameters.

Much better. Look at those pants. So cool.... Wait one minute. Did you just suggest I search for "women krav maga" in "men's boxing clothing"?

You're a misogynistic a-hole!

I'm never ordering anything again. I'm going to cancel my subscription. So not cool. It's time to take a stand. Just like Patricia Arquette did. Yeah! Girl Power!

Ohhhhh. How much is a box of Cadbury eggs? 

I was totally kidding about that stuff above. I'm just going to write an angry twitter post and get a hashtag started. #sexistamazon!

Lets do this ladies.

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