Monday, November 19, 2012

I walk with Danger!

This sounds like it's going to be be about a lifetime movie.

It's not.

It's going to be about situational awareness. Which now that I type it sounds really boring.

Trust me it's not boring.

It's awesome, like everything else on this blog. As awesome as New York City's Fourth of July Fireworks.

Crazy amazing!

Alright maybe I'm over hyping this?

I mean I don't want you getting all excited and then I just tell you some ridiculous story about socks or tire pressure. (those were both options BTW)

Lets start over.

This post is the perfect amount of awesome. Not too much and not too little. Are you ready now?

Last night I went to the gym for a late night class. When I walked inside my car was the last one in the farthest row in a crowded parking lot.

When class was over my little blue car sat all alone in a poorly lit corner. It was just like a scene in a movie. Where it suddenly feels like your car is a thousand miles away and there are wolves howling in the background and noises that you aren't sure are coming from in front of you or behind.

I wasn't paying attention but I'm still pretty sure that wasn't any dead bodies?

Wait, SHHHH, is that footsteps.

hahhahahah Just kidding. I'm not some normal girl.

I tucked my keys into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone, texting a friend about a possible lunch date. I didn't look over my shoulder or pay attention to my surroundings. I didn't look for suspicious vehicles. I didn't keep my keys in my hand ready to use as a weapon.

I probably should do all those things. You should, for sure.

When I finally got to my car I pulled out my keys unlocked it and got behind the wheel. For the first time since I had walked out of the building I thought about all the horrible possibilities. Of all the BAD things that could have happened.

So this post is really a public service announcement for all you normals out there who can't call on your crazy strength. (think beer muscles). Be careful in parking lots. Walk in pairs. Be aware of your suroundings.

Or forget all that and live on the edge. It's cool and I highly recommend it.

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