Sunday, December 9, 2012

My GIANT tree

This is not a complaint. (Triple S has pointed out that just by saying this I am already complaining.)

I wanted to start with that since this is going to sound a lot like a complaint.

My living room. It has a ridiculous double ceiling.

When the children are running around the echo is deafening. No amount of pictures or carpets seems to deaden the sound.I thought about pretending we live in a castle and cover the walls with tapestries but it turns out they aren't cheap. Or attractive. Or available at Target.

So for eleven months out of the year I'm not a fan of the ridiculous waste of space that is the double ceiling.

But it's not those eleven anymore. It's December!

The one month when I love the stupid thing.

Seriously joyful!

It's Christmas! And the number one thing that Christmas brings besides joy and children singing in harmony, and world peace, and wishes and family outings and .... Sorry I got sidetracked there for a moment.

Colin and Natalie picking out the "biggest"


Yeah I said 13. That's how big the monster fir in my living room measures.
Natalie on my shoulders next to the beast.

Large enough to ensure I will be able to continue my ornament addiction for years to come.

So no complaining. At least not until January when everything is packed away and the echo returns.

All decked out with no where to go. It's so pretty!

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