Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things.

Okay really only one thing.

Fried rice!!!

At this point I'm sure you are scratching your head and thinking I was going to talk about Christmas stuff. You know, egg nog, carols, teapots, whiskers on kittens (that's what Julie Andrews was really talking about). By now you should know that nothing here leads where you think it's going to.

What's with the creepy matching outfits?

I love the South. I might have mentioned this once or twice.

It's not perfect though. There are some things lacking here that I might have taken for granted while I was living in NJ. I was just about to list a bunch of cultural stuff but lets be honest, who cares about any of that?

Food. I miss the food.

So lets go back to the beginning of this confusing story.

At thanksgiving the preschool where I work had a breakfast, each classroom was responsible for a portion of the aforementioned breakfast. My kids had to bring breakfast meat. Suggestions included, sausage, bacon, liver mush(if you don't know what this is it's apparently because you don't live in NC). I tried to steer everyone towards bacon. Sadly there weren't all hearing my subtle pushing.

Everything is better with bacon and funnier with googly eyes.

One of the wonderful parents asked if it was okay to bring fried rice. She is not from here (by here I mean the US.) originally and fried rice is something she regularly enjoys for breakfast. I encouraged her. It would be nice to have something slightly non traditional and it wasn't like she was bringing monkey brains of fried snails.

You know this is what you were all thinking.

The breakfast went great and everyone enjoyed the ridiculous amount of food.

If you're still reading. Good for you. I'm about to tie all this together.

The rice was awesome. I got seconds. I raved and raved and raved to her the week after the breakfast. It was better than any rice I had eaten since we moved south. Seriously, this lady could have a restaurant with just that rice and I would be there at least once a week.

He English is good but it isn't perfect, and she's very soft spoken so I wondered if she understood just how sincere my love of her rice was until this week.

The little ones started bringing Christmas presents. Some gift cards, candles, lotions. The stuff you would usually expect until the Friday before break when this wonderful mom arrived with a tray of rice for me.


So yummy in my tummy.

I jumped up and down. I hugged her. I giggled like a school girl. (okay maybe that last one is a bit of an exaggeration)

I went home and immediately had a bowl. It was just as good as I remembered it. Maybe a tiny bit better.

So in conclusion fried rice has been my favorite gift so far this Christmas season.

Anyone want to make me Moussaka?

PS I just realized I already have a post with a similar title. Do I secretly love Julie Andrews?
Who am I kidding? Of course I love her. Have you ever seen Victor Victoria?

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