Sunday, January 6, 2013

3rd Christmas

It's kind of like second breakfast only better.

As many of my faithful readers know (and some random people who stumble upon this insanity) Triple S was on the tugboat for Christmas. This is nothing new. He misses a lot of things being stuck on the boat.

Christmas Eve Anticipation

 Including the birth of our son, but that is a story for another day.

The cool part about this is sometimes we celebrate things multiple times.

Who doesn't like 2 birthdays? Or 2 Thanksgivings?

This year we got 3 Christmases.

The kids and I celebrated once on the 25th. Waking up to a full tree of presents that Santa had left.

They chose to not open anything till dad got home (insert proud mom moment). They did however open their stockings and a few presents that friends had sent. Then we were off to another friend's house for a lovely dinner.

and I though we DIDN'T go crazy this year

Second Christmas was celebrated when Triple S got off the boat and Grandma and Grandpa arrived from their crazy road trip from NH.

For some crazy reason they decided to take the interior route from New Hampshire to North Carolina instead of hugging the coast even though there was a nice snow storm in Pennsylvania. I don't judge. SHUT UP. I don't.

If you're Russian and reading this sorry, I tried altering a few maps but I guess I'm not very handy with photo shop.

There was presents and food and much rejoicing.

Yeah she has red eye, I was too lazy to fix it.

I was a crazy cooking machine for an entire week while MIL (mother in law) and FIL (father in law) were here. It's possible that I have some latent inferiority complex that makes me try and prove to them I am worthy of their son.


I'm funny.

Nope. It was just that I got a new apron, new Pyrex, and a new whisk. More proof that I'm not normal. Some of my other presents included a scale and sneakers. (all happily received) I know. WEIRD. Like you're really shocked.

So back to the point of this. I just got back from my neighbors house where we had Third Christmas. It's kind of like Three Kings day but with less religious overtones.

There was a giant spiral honey ham and lots and lots of side dishes. Because nothing says Third Christmas like ham.

You can't argue. How many of you celebrated Third Christmas this weekend?

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