Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I love you Internet. You too History!

I have no words for how awesome this is.

Would it be weird to get this framed and put it in my office? Because I want to. Vintage is big right now, right? That's what I keep hearing and this is certainly vintage. Plus it has a boat so it would totally fit in with the rest of the house.

What about this one? Not quite as vague. Certainly gets the point across.

Does VD make you green? Is that what was wrong with the wicked witch? Maybe this is just talking about actual gambling. I do have a mean poker face.

This is the best double entendre ever! More so because I am always loaded and a hell of a shot if I do say so myself. I really feel like they made these posters just for me.

War propaganda isn't usually this cool.

I'm going to talk to Triple S but I can't see any scenario where these don't end up on the office walls.

Okay just more more because I can't help myself. And PS there is plenty of medicine for regret although maybe it didn't exist during WWII?

Last but not least a silly story.

I have gone by Ronnie most of my life. Veronica was reserved for a few select family members and filling out paperwork, so when Triple S and I got married I never really thought about what I was doing to myself.

About a month into out union we were sitting with the wedding photographer going over our album. He had numerous samples for us to look at. One had a lovely black cover with the bride and groom's initials engraved.

I liked it immediately and was all set to get it until he started filling out the paperwork. As he put the letters down onto paper he glanced at me. A nervous look on his face, while I realized what I had just agreed to put on my wedding album.

"Never mind. Let's just get the date."

He visibly relaxed and Triple S and I laughed till we cried after the poor man left. Part of me wanted to put the initials on there just to see what he would say. 

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