Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow, It's that cold white stuff falling from the sky.

In the past I've talked about the South being awesome.

It isn't perfect though.

Certainly they can't make a good pizza or a bagel. (DO NOT START TELLING ME I'M WRONG AND THAT YOU CAN GET THEM AT SUCH AND SUCH PLACE. I can't have my heart broken again.)

So far this winter my kids have had three late start days due to COLD.

Yeah, you read that right. It hasn't even snowed and they have already had three half days.

Half days don't affect the school year though so who really cares? Plus they mean I got to sleep two hours later. A joy I won't pass up.
Yes after almost 3 hours the grass is still poking through.

Snow is funny down here because there are no plows. No salt trucks. No snow removal vehicles of any kind. It makes sense. In the three years since I moved it has only snowed twice. Not really a fiscally responsible move to have a team of plows standing at the the ready.

The first time it snowed was Christmas 2010. The kids missed five days of school. Five days of school because it snowed 1 inch. 

That isn't a typo. One, Uno, Ein, Un. 

A whole week of school for snow that I shoveled (pointlessly), in a t-shirt.

Right now it is snowing again. I already had to go get my kids from school 2 hours early and although it isn't official, there is no way they will have school tomorrow.

We stopped by Target before it started and people where clearing the shelves of the proverbial milk and bread. (Why are those the foods we assume we will need if we are trapped in our houses?)

Side note: Down here all the Targets have full grocery stores in them. It's crazy.

Right now it has been snowing steady (but slow) for about 3 hours and it is expected to continue till 2am. We might see some actual snow.  Already the ridiculousness has started. I watched my neighbor try and get his Dodge Ram pick up into his driveway. He made 3 attempts because he forgot he was driving a truck and it has four wheel drive. I'm not kidding. 3 attempts.

His driveway is basically flat with the tiniest slope at the beginning and he had a hard time getting up it.

In case you were wondering this is a brand new truck. It's not like it was some 1980's beast that he would have had to lock the hubs on.
Arrow is pointing to his driveway. Steep it is not. Please also note my kids trying desperately to make snow balls.

Last time it snowed Triple S and I went out the next day and the number of vehicles in ditches was easily a double digit figure. Most were trucks and some stayed there for a full week despite the fact that the snow had melted completely away by the end of day one.

So I guess the point of this is "how many?"

How many days are the kids going to miss? Who wants to place bets?


  1. LOL - I know that whenever I come to read your blog I will leave with a smile on my face - you haven't disappointed today !!!
    If the kids missed 5 days of school for an inch of snow I am figuring at least the same or maybe 7 days of school - gone !
    Have a great time amusing yourself with the shenanigans of your neighbours !

  2. I'm from Louisiana and didn't see snow until I was 26. I've been in the VA mountains since, so at this point, it's no biggie. I'm entertained by all my Louisiana peeps who are refusing the leave their homes. Although, in their defense, a lot of bridges and no plows/salt/road treatment IS asking for trouble.

  3. But you have never had such fun as you have had in the south. We freakin' rock. Can't deal with cold weather or snow (as my husband is shoveling our driveway because he has an OR case at 7 AM and you so know the uninsured dude will probably not show up for his surgery--or maybe he will), nonetheless we did live in Michigan so we roll on.

  4. I'm going with 1 and 1/2 days. Tomorrow is right out! No doubt about that one. I also predict a late start on Thursday. By the weekend it will be 60 degrees again and this will all be an afterthought. I'm just impressed the kids had winter weather clothing. I had no idea where the hats and gloves were.


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