Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tales from The Preschool

In the past I have talked about being a teacher and all the funny stuff, I mean all the educational stuff we do.

Remember when I taught the kids to keep "one hand for the ship."? Epic.

This week my success is measured in the words of one of my sweet students.

Student: (hand raised) "Miss Ronnie, I have a statement."

Yeah! A five year old said that.

He said that because when we are all gathered round in the morning to talk about the letters, shapes, colors, the calender, the weather, dogs and daughters, (no big whoop) and who is going to Hilton Head that weekend a lot of hands interrupt my knowledge imparting.

Now I'm totally cool with questions (even off topic ones that involve why Miss Ronnie wears so many Batman shirts) but I'm not a fan of random stories.

How cruel. They are just little kids. Let them share their joy.

Chill! I totally let them share, sometimes overshare, just not during 'circle time'. That's what people in the know call it.

I ask them if they have a question; something that needs an answer from me. Or a statement; a story they just want to tell the class.

Question or statement. BIG DIFFERENCE.

They say you have to repeat something like a thousand times before a child gets it. (that's science!) I thought I was only in the 900's but I guess I lost count somewhere or this little boy is just a child prodigy the likes of a Doogie Howser.

So yeah I was walking a little taller today.

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  1. LOL - love it !! You certainly deserve to walk a little taller - anyone who is a teacher of little people should walk taller because they are teaching the generation who is going to be making / planning / working in the old age homes we may land up in !!
    Have the best day !


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