Friday, February 28, 2014


No doubt you have seen this "story" on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, instagram, weekly world news or some equally trusted news source.

Before I start my rant I just want to see if I got this straight.

You think you found the link that proves KFC has mutant chickens on a farm somewhere?

Where is this farm? Indiana? Montana? (Seriously I have no idea where we raise chickens?)

How come PETA isn't freaking out?

You remember PETA? They want us to treat mice as equals to humans. They have that catchy slogan "meat is murder". I guess the lesser know part of that is "except for genetically modified meat."

Alec Baldwin can't eat a bagel without someone taking a picture but no one is paying attention to a farm where featherless chickens with extra legs frolic in beautiful green fields? (I have lawn envy.)
No way this is Photoshopped.
By the way KFC changed their name in 2005. Almost ten years ago. A decade of mutant chickens and no one noticed.

In the last few years people have been losing their minds over Monsanto and modified corn (GMO) but apparently no one cared about the chickens.

Poor chickens.
What do you feed a headless chicken?

I for one almost wish it was true because it would bring us one step closer to real mutants. I'm hoping for some really cool powers like mind control or invisibility. Nothing stupid like being able to talk to fish or control the weather.

PS: Here is the internet's rebuttal. SNOPES. Always good to debunk your online ridiculousness.

PPS: This is why we keep getting emails from Nigerian Princes. If you are going to believe this stuff certainly you will also believe he just needs someone to help him get his money.

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  1. One day in the far, far future, kids will be taught that their barbarian ancestors consumed mutants and supported the underground reign of Nigerian royalty.


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