Thursday, September 18, 2014

Derek Jeter

He's retiring this year. It's a big deal even if you aren't a Yankee fan (which I totally am) because he has like 700 world records. Okay maybe not that many, I'm not fact checking this. Let's call it stream of consciences because it sounds better than lazy.

Whatever the point is he's impressive. 

Beyond the records and the stats and the fan love though Derek Jeter is a throw back player to a time when baseball was truly our national passtime. To a time when we watched to see legends in the making. In short he is a class act.

No scandals. No hearings on capitol hill. No arrests or rumors.


Sure there are plenty of consistantly good players that dont get into trouble but Jeter isn't just good. He's amazing. There is no question in anyone's mind that he will be in the hall of fame. More than likely a first round pick and possibly a unanimous vote. Those aren't things to scoff at.

Sure he's slowing down a bit and the amazing plays aren't as much a daily event anymore but after 20 years (20, an insane number in professional sports) he is getting tired. 

I look forward to the pomp and circumstance that will follow him this season. He deserves every bit of fan love.

So as a fan I want to say I'm sorry I called you a pretty boy Derek. Not that you aren't pretty. Because you certainly are but you are also an amazing player and an actual role model. Thanks for not letting us down.

Great job Cap! We will miss you.


  1. So happy he has been so inspiring to you! See that was nice of me, right? P.S. I am a Red Sox fan! ;)-Ashley


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