Sunday, October 26, 2014

1990 was 24 years ago people!!!

Remember when I said I wasn't going to grow old? It seems like only yesterday.

I'm still fighting the good fight but I realized why some people are always so frustrated.

This morning on one of those Sunday news shows they were talking about Woodward and Bernstein. After a quick sum up they reminded everyone that All The Presidents Men was based on their experience.

I was annoyed. Is this something that people don't know?

This happens to me a lot because I have A LOT of random stuff in my head that I don't realize is random. Why don't more people know these weird facts?

It's a sign of the times though. That movie was made almost 40 years ago and Watergate was even older than that. (Of course it was Caption Obvious because since we don't have a time machine we can only make movies about things that have happened.)

Don't you just want to wrap that cord around your finger?

All of this follows me having to explain to my son how a rotary phone worked. He acted like it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen. I suppose it was in an age when he can't remember not being able to play a game or watch his show wherever and whenever he wants it is a funny concept to have to be attached to an actual cable.

Side Note: With all these advances why don't I have a flying car or a hover board yet?


  1. That phone brought back heaps of memories for me - thank you !!

  2. In High School I had a touch tone phone but my service was rotary. You could dial really fast and then listen to the tones click as you waited to be connected. It was cheaper and I was paying my own phone bill.

  3. I was talking with someone recently about All The President's Men and they totally looked at me blankly. WHAT??!!! So, I completely relate to how you are feeling!-Ashley

  4. I saw a video not too long ago where they showed small children (kindergarten? First grade?) an old rotary phone, told them it was a phone and asked them how they thought it worked. They couldn't figure it out.


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