Tuesday, September 11, 2012

bees and explosions

I got a phone call today. My peanut was stung by a bee while she was on the playground. It was my first phone call from the nurse. Obviously she is fine. Sadly she has been stung before so no swelling up or trips to the ER for her.

Why do we make cartoons out of things that want to hurt us?

She did tell me all about the sponge in a bag she used as an ice pack. It was yellow in case you were curious.

Now for the explosions.

On the way home today Colin proceeded to go through an entire one man show in the style of a Steven Seagal revenge flick. Imagine Hard to Kill.  That was before he got all patchouli smelling, planet saving preachy.
that is going to hurt in the morning.

There was a lot of "And then ____ was like..."

Some exciting car chases that involved lots of police and explosions.

There was even a twist where some one's wife was killed but it was just fake. She was actually okay but hiding. (who saw that coming?)

Admittedly the narrative needs a little work but it wasn't bad for a first draft. (Plus he's only 8)

About ten minutes in he asked if I was tired since apparently I hadn't been showing the proper level of excitement at his story. After that I gasped a few times and added a few "No way"s he seemed sufficiently humored.

When we got home he asked if we could make it into a movie. Since I don't know Micheal Bay or the people who write checks for him I suggested a book.

We compromised on a comic. I'll let you know when it's ready for publishing.

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