Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chuck Norris helped me be a better mom

If you are a fan of this blog then you know I love all things Chuck Norris.

Seriously. The guy is better than a super hero in my book.
That's got to  hurt.

To that end TripleS made me a Chuck Norris t shirt, of course the kids got one too.

When I was tucking Colin into bed the other night he asked me if Chuck Norris liked to fight. My first thought was hell yeah but then I remembered that my son is an impressionable 8 year old and maybe telling him that fighting is cool isn't the best parenting move ever.

So I paused for a moment thinking of a good way to explain it.

I settled on something akin to the spider man speech. With great power comes great responsibility.
I told him that while Chuck Norris is awesome, he only fights when he has no other choice. When someone is in trouble or when bullies are trying to hurt the weak.

Colin "just like Superman"

Me "yeah but without the flying."

Colin "kicking is cooler than flying"

My inner ninja rejoiced because hell yeah kicking is cooler than flying. Now if I could just convince him to sign up for karate with me.

Some of you might be thinking, hey what about Natalie? Girls can kick but too.
Hello? Cynthia Rothrock!
fire makes everything more BA

To that I say I'm working on it. Right now she is all about dancing, seriously how is she even my kid?

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