Friday, August 31, 2012

The Wedding of the Century.

First lets get a few things out of the way.

My brothers wedding was awesome. There was Opera (including the theme to The Godfather), fancy clothes galore, and more food than even I could eat (there was a potato bar, something I had never heard of but now I wonder how we lived this long without one.)

Oh yeah and the Bride and Groom had a wonderful night.

Romance all around.

Photo: I said I'd believe it when I saw it...and I saw it. congrats to sally boy and his new wife pamela. look at the timing on the strut, 9.8 indeed. safe trip back to HK, and many years of happiness. glad I was able to be there.
Looking good!

My officiating was officially awesome. (if everyone is to be believed that is.)
FYI my internet license in good in Connecticut for the next 3 years if you are looking to get hitched!
Luckily this is a still so you can't see me wobbling.

I didn't stutter, or forget anything and although my balance was suspect (can you say heels in grass?) I didn't topple over.
I look angry here but I'm pretty sure it's just because I didn't want to cry.

Let's not forget there was also Uncle Sal. No I don't mean my brother. I mean MY Uncle Sal. (sorry. I know it's confusing. In total there are 5 Sals in my immediate family. I'll draw you a chart sometime.) Uncle Sal and Aunt Doreen (married 37 years!!!) flew in. We had breakfast and dinner and talked and talked and talked. Actually it was more like tawking instead of talking but it's hard to express that in text. Needless to say there were a lot of expletives.

Charlie tried to convince Uncle Sal to tell him the most insane thing the Big RECCO had ever done but all he would say was "some things you take to your grave." This was of course after some very interesting stories that I sadly can't repeat here as I'm not exactly sure if that would qualify me as an accessory after the fact.

 I need to consult my lawyer.
The Big RECCO's Favorite brother. (He had 4 so that's saying something.)

The kids were great, seriously, everyone said so.

Now lets talk about THE BRIDE for a second. Pam, my new sister in law.

Natalie giving Aunt Pam tips on the 7/10 split.

There was a moment when I knew she was perfect for my brother.

Sal had been running around trying to make sure everything was perfect when he returned to their suite once more. Pam was sitting in a chair putting on her makeup as calm as can be when he came in. He asked her in a very sarcastic tone if she was planning on putting her dress on any time soon and then he left again.

After the door closed Pam turned to those of us in the room with her.

"Do you think his head will explode if when he comes back I'm still not wearing it?"

Her lovely face twisted in a slightly evil grin and I knew she would keep my brother on his toes even while she was making him happy.

(she did put the dress on after deciding that maybe Sal was a little too close to losing it.)

Basically it was awesome. (I'm tempted to use a thesaurus for a word that is like awesome but isn't awesome but then it occurs to me that there is nothing quite like awesome so get used to it.)

Here are a list of random highlights in no particular order:

1  Sitting in our hotel room watching the Little League World Series the children and I were picking teams. Panama vs Japan. Everyone chose Panama except for Natalie.

Colin- "If your not Team Pamela then you have to go."  He's a smart kid.

2  Natalie learned to dive.

pretty good form right?

3  We got to pet sharks! at the Norwalk Aquarium.
Everyone left with all of their digits in tact. Great whites these were not.

4 Triple S got into an argument about the name of the Captain in Jaws. He walked away since they refused to see reason. He was wearing a shirt at the time with Quints name on it and still they refused to admit defeat.
I'll never put on a life jacket again!!  

5 Uncle Charlie leaped from the car to chase a deer through the neighbors yard to the endless delight of the kids. (they spent the next three days re enacting the scene. Complete with impersonations and actions. They are very method)

And last but not least.

My children danced together. I was dancing with Triple S when I turned and saw them being adorable and sweet to each other dancing slowly. Colin even tried to dip Natalie after watching Uncle Sal do it to Pam.

Sometimes I love them so much.

We lead a wonderful life but moments of perfection are still rare. This was one of them.

I was going to end with my moment of Zen (to quote Mr Stewart) but that isn't exactly my speed so instead I'll leave you with some of the highlights from Sal's friends speech.

In no particular order:

Midget wrestling

Fur coats

fantasy football and how Sal has never made a bad trade

Midget strippers

tricky bar stools

late nights

possible run ins with the law

love and marriage

Midgets in costumes

(you might be detecting a theme)

That seems like a more appropriate ending to a blog post from a crazy person.

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  1. Lovely share! Was invited for my neighbor's reception party recently. Exterior and entrance of wedding venues was out of the world. Orchids, lilies and rose carnations spread their fragrance. Liked the designer outfits of couple. Photography sessions done were also professional. Cake cutting ceremony was really amazing.


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