Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly Round Up

So it's Sunday and I thought I do a weekly round up.

Since I'm not super organized this will contain more than a weeks worth of stuff.
(Like you're surprised by this.)

Lets start with my lovely burn. Yes a burn from the shell casing of a .22.  

At this point Triple S is sighing and hanging his head. He's pretty used to my minor injuries. You might remember me saying something about being invincible but that never included minor injuries. Right now I have three burns and 4 bruise and I am only sure about where two of them came from.

That freaking thing is hot!

This is a week old. I'm guessing a scar is in my future. 
This loveliness happened during a timed exercise at the range. Had it been longer than 10 seconds I might have put down the gun and pealed it from my skin but...

Next we got to drive to Greensboro to put Triple S on a plane to head back to the boat. A Corpus Cristi crew change. He was thrilled.  Will they never be able to get eggs onboard again?

Next I got to take two children shopping from My brothers upcoming wedding. A dress For Natalie was accomplished in 10 minutes. Honestly I have never enjoyed such an easy shopping excursion.

It's pretty and blue and she will look sweet in it.

Now for a suit. Colin wanted a tux but I thought I suit would be a better choice. 4 stores later and more than $100 and he has everything he needs to look extremely handsome.

 It was hell.

I thought Hell would have more flames? Maybe a spit or two?

Not litterally hell. And not even Hell on Earth. But it was bad.

The poor kid had to try on more pants than I cared to count. He was good for a while but it wore him down.
Colin's suit is bigger than this. Like by almost 50%.

I've been told you can rent a suit. Seriously. Why did I not know about this?

Next was the best part of the week.

We've had thunderstorms almost every night this week. Nothing horrible. Just some pretty lights in the sky and some loud booms.

Last night we got more rain but as a break it was fireworks free so we took advantage of it. The kids and I running in the driveway until we were soaked to the bone.
There was much giggling.
 Then they took a rest.

Happy Children.

All the running and the laughing made it easier to black out the shopping.

I feel the memory slipping away.

Hopefully the nightmares have gone too?

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