Friday, September 14, 2012

My D'Oh Moment

Yesterday morning started out like most days.

I got up. Got the kids ready and drove them to school.

Then since it was Thursday I headed over to the gym for Cardio Ballistic (not nearly as scary as it sounds).

After an hour and a half of sweating a few ladies and I headed over to Caribou Coffee to talk about dogs, daughters, no big whoop.

"I’m feeling a little vaklempt!"

Time passed pleasantly enough as we chatted about crazy families, road rage, kids and the theory of wave particle duality.  (we're smart ladies. It isn't always about shoes and purses.)

As the time came to leave we wandered over to our cars talking about one of the funniest books of all time. In my humble opinion.

As it happens I had gone to a reading and purchased a book for a friend. I even had it signed because I'm an awesome friend. Just, apparently not awesome enough to actually mail it to her.

 But I digress.

So as we were talking about Stanley the Magical Squirrel (seriously read the book.) I remembered the extra copy in my truck. I popped it open and pulled out my prize, sternly warning her not to let any harm come to the book so that I can mail it to my friend, cause I'm awesome like that.

The three of us stood there, the two of us who had read the book trying, and falling very short, to explain the hilarity found with in the pages when momentary distracted I closed the truck.

Crap! Crappy! Crap! Craptastic!(It's possible my language was a bit more colorful.)

In my hand was my wallet and my phone. Very glaringly missing though, was my keys.

You know. The pretty silver things that make the car go vroom vroom?

 Lets be honest. These are not my keys.
Mine have about 40 discount cards and a few home made trinkets attached.

My first thought was did I hit the unlock button when I hit the trunk button?

A quick check of the doors banished that ray of hope.

My second was that I had left the windows cracked, maybe I could get a long stick and hit either the trunk or the unlock button?

A quick check of my companions cars revealed a laundry list of items including but not limited to:

A large plastic bucket (I was informed this was for composting.)

A butterfly net

A golf umbrella

An map (you remember that things we used before GPS)

A few pairs of tiny shoes

Now maybe if you are MacGuyver you and running through a plan in your head that uses these items to unlock my car but sadly I am not that clever.

So began the search for such a tool.

I went from store to store in the strip mall asking the kindly people for something that might serve such a purpose. They were all very helpful, as were the people enjoying the late summer weather at the various outdoor tables. They even pointed out that a state trooper was enjoying his lunch inside one of the stores.

I approached him but apparently this isn't 1975 and they don't carry slimjims anymore.He did offer to call someone but I have a spare key at home and that seemed like an easier solution. Also a cheaper one.
This looks so official I want to buy it and start a ring of international car thieves.

So off we went to my house.

If you are clever you might start to wonder if I leave my house unlocked or if my house keys are kept separate than my car keys?

Neither of these is true and so we come to the next hurdle in my journey.

Arriving at my house (where thanks to the wonderful aforementioned late summer weather all the windows were open) I went to the.........

Okay this seems like it doesn't need writing. Unless I am going to give thieves a map to my valuables as well.

That seems unsmart. I mean for the criminals of course. Muhaha (evil laugh)

So the extra keys were gotten and I was returned to my car. Tragedy averted.


As a side note I have not locked  my keys in my car since college. (if you do the math, that was a long time ago.) At a gas station I locked the door on my fabulous blue Ford Tempo.
Pimptastic, I know.

I was lucky enough that the window was open enough to wedge (and I do mean wedge, I had a lovely bruise to prove it) my arm in and reach the door lock.

So yesterday I broke a perfectly good streak.

I wonder what today holds?

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  1. Great story. Something similar happened to me a few months ago. My car battery was dead, and I panicked because I couldn't open the door to reach the lever to pop the hood open for a jump start. I was standing there in despair, then realized the thing I was holding was a KEY!


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