Saturday, January 10, 2015

Old Technology

Triple S and I just spent some quality time upstairs sorting through all the extra cords we have from years of chasing the ever upgrading technology demon.

You know the one I'm talking about. where as soon as you buy something they tell you about the "new and improved" version that will be available in just one more week. 

Giant TV's gave way to flat screens and then flat TV's.
From the side this thing is ten feet deep.

We love gadgets in this house. Do you sell something cool and fancy that can bring me one step closer to a robot run home? Then I'm interested.

Examples of our craziness include being on the waiting list for the first tivo that was Direct TV compatible. Sure DVRs are common place now but back then the concept of recording your shows and fast forwarding through the commercials was insane. God how I loved that thing.

Although I never had a T Mobile sidekick I did have one of the first camera phones. Sure the pictures were so blurry it was hard to tell if I was sending you a picture of my foot or my dog but it was still a picture I was sending by phone.

I know if you are young you are reading this like I'm insane but this is my generation's "uphill both ways" speech.

"When I was a kid we had to get up to change the channel."


The point of this isn't to talk about technology though, it's to talk about this:
To prove it's real that is my wedding photo in the background.

Remember I told you we had this camera and that I used it to take pictures on my honeymoon back in 2000? Yeah well Triple S found it in the pile of random cords. 

Apparently we truly never throw anything out. 

PS I'm typing this from my new Christmas present. A touchscreen laptop. Because I do love a cool gadget and apparently Triple S loves me.

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